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    Default Spam issues

    Recently we have been receiving a huge amount of spams.

    1. Is there a way to block sender domain on Zimbra server itself instead of having to do it one by one on every user account?

    2. We suspect some of the spams origin from our own user with infected PCs. However the IP origin shown in Zimbra Admin and log files only reveal localhost IP. Is it due to misconfiguration on our side or is this what everyone else is getting too? A bug with Zimbra?

    3. When I filter my inbox with the spammer email address, select all and click on the Junk button, why does the message appear is complete opposite of my action? See attached. Shouldn't it be marked as junk instead of marked as NOT junk???? Is this a spelling mistake on Zimbra side or is the button I click on assume that I done it in the junk box and try to reverse the rule?
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