I have configured zimbra open source. I have migrated some accounts from qmail to zimbra using imapsync. Everything is working fine. Now, I want to migrate a account from exim to zimbra. So please let me know have anyone configure the same. I have given the server IP into the configuration field to migrate the same but I am getting the error as :

d2:CN21:localhost.localdomain1:O16:SomeOrganizatio n2:OU22:SomeOrganizationalUnit6:accept4:true5:alia s18:xyz.test.com:04:fromi1164728638000e4:host16:xy z.test.com3:icn21:localhost.localdomain2:io16:Some Organization3:iou22:SomeOrganizationalUnit3:md532: 419525127AEB8C366236AA79310BD0968:mismatch5:false1 :s1:04:sha140:7F8EBBFFABB79D3777D7585F26320E66B2DA C9542:toi1196264638000ee