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Thread: Access from WAN for specific accounts.

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    Default Access from WAN for specific accounts.

    Currently I have a Zimbra setup which only gives access to the web interface from inside the corporate LAN.

    But i have been asked to allow access from the WAN, but only for specific users.

    The only way i have come up with to do this is to setup a second mailbox for users that need external access, and then make that a dual-homed server...

    Is this the only way to accomplish this? or is there something i can do using some configuration?


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    thats the best way to do it. zimbra has no native method for this sort of thing. another method would be to install some sort of proxy where you would have to login first to that and then be proxied to zimbra. a lot of firewalls have things like this like cisco asa's WebVPN.

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    I have implemented this as follows.

    At Firewall end we force the authentication for al request that bound for port http/https of zimbra server.

    The above rule set applies on set of user/userGroup who are to have access from Internet to LAN Network.
    You have an option to create local user of Firewall or Refer Directory like active directory or Zimbra Rirectory for
    user auth

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