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Thread: Invalid request: Folder location conflict: /Inbox (2)

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    Default Invalid request: Folder location conflict: /Inbox (2)

    I setup a new user account, then added an external account (gmail) through pop3. About 1500 emails were imported, but unfortunately it changed the date for all of them to the exact time they were imported (issue #1). I then proceeded to try to add an account and it gave me the " Invalid request: Folder location conflict: /Inbox" error. I then realized i really didnt need that account as it was already being automatically imported in to the gmail account, so I removed it. Soon there after, for one reason or another, i noticed that the gmail emails were not being automatically being imported into the account (client uses outlook, with connector) and even clicking on "Get Mail" in webmail didnt make a difference. I did a little research and it appears that because of a design flow and complete lack of logic by developers, polling doesnt seem to work by default without specifically setting each account for automatically polling from the command line. At least thats what i gathered from the all the posts about it. So i used a provided batch script (#!/bin/bash # This is a scr - Anonymous - FHNE2fX8 - to set the polling intervals.

    I then went to go check the external account settings and realized the gmail account was no longer listed and only the single primary account was listed. I proceeded to add the gmail account back and immediately got the "Invalid request: Folder location conflict: /Inbox" error. So pretty much at this point, I am gathering that I cannot add any external accounts that will share the main inbox, which is essential for the proper use of zimbra.

    Any help would be sincerely appreciated. BTW, I am getting my Network Edition licenses through my data center, am I still eligible for getting 2 free support tickets per year directly from zimbra? If so, how should I go about getting such access to the support area.

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    Additional info:

    I just ran: "zmprov gds | grep zimbraDataSource" and got the following output:

    objectClass: zimbraDataSource
    zimbraDataSourceConnectionType: ssl
    zimbraDataSourceEnabled: TRUE
    zimbraDataSourceFolderId: 2
    zimbraDataSourceId: 8c2bfb9b-da25-49ef-b0ea-212eb0312f15
    zimbraDataSourceLeaveOnServer: TRUE
    zimbraDataSourceName: gmail
    zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval: 60
    zimbraDataSourcePort: 995
    zimbraDataSourceType: pop3
    Unfortunately though, its still not polling nor showing up in the users external accounts area in the gui.

    EDIT: LOL, i just logged out and logged back in and the account is listed. So it appears that my only two issues listed (though im still frustrated about not being able to do multiple externals to a single inbox) is the incorrect dates on import and the polling not appearing to be automatic even though from what i can see above, my settings are correct. Could some sort of cron job be missing that I should be looking for?

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    Ok, i got the polling working by manually running:

    zmprov mds gmail zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval 3m

    Only thing left to fix is the import date issue.

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