This is with ZCS NE 5.0.23_GA, under RHEL 5.0.

We have a multi server setup, and we are running into trouble. We are trying to bring up another mailstore, (mailstore02) but the box itself is having problems with its drive array. We would like to take if off line (out of the zimbra setup) to work on it, as if we take it down it takes down the entire zimbra suite (although no one is on it, zimbra seems to have no failover built in for multiple mbox servers, no problem).

So, if we did a zmprov ds mailstore02 this would take it out, correct?
I am assuming now that we would have to disconnect it from the network as the other zimbra servers would still see it running and try to use it?

If my second question is not true, how does one go about bringing it back on line when we fix the drive issues?

Finally, we have two MTA servers. One has had a hardware failure. Again, would the best solution (while we are working with the HW vendor) be to use zmprov ds mta01?
Again, if we did that, how do we bring it back online?
Will nginx automatically use the other MTA server that we have? As of now we had to take MTA1 out of DNS.