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Thread: briefcase, can't download files

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    Default briefcase, can't download files

    So I can upload files fine. I see them in the webclient all is well there. When I then try to download this file a new page/tab/window opens and just timesout.

    I've done some searching around it doesn't appear that I need additional ports open. I'm not sure what to grep for in the logs so finding the error there has proven difficult.

    Any ideas where to start finding this problem?

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    Did you ever manage to solve the problem? I have the same problem with proxy pass in spite of correct settings of the "Public" variables.

    Upload works fine but download not. It works fine for both upload and download when accessing from the internal network.

    Any idea?

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    I have a similar problem when trying to download multiple files from a shared breifcase using the web interface. I can select as many files as I like but when I right click "download" the browser simply refreshes the page and nothing happens. I can download a single file with no problems.
    I remember this feature worked fine in the past, I dont know exactly when it stopped working. Maybe after upgrade to 8.0.7.
    We use the briefcase extensively - any help would be apprecieated.

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