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Thread: Adding new mailstore to existing system

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    Default Adding new mailstore to existing system

    zimbra 5.0.24 vs 5.0.23 in my data and still on rhel 5 using 64 bit for this one.

    Adding new mailstore to existing system.

    when running zmupdateauthkeys it found the ssh key was not on this new mailstore I just installed. sure enough i did not see a zimbraSshPublicKey field when i did a zmprov gs <server name> on this mailstore.

    I see the command zmsshkeygen and it looks like what i need to run on that mailstore but I want to make sure beyond a shadow of a doubt. I do not want that command changing ssh keys across my multiserver environment. I just want it to affect this one server but I am not finding any information on whether this is a global or local command.

    If I can not get a definitive answer I will just blow this new mailstore away and start from scratch.

    Really could use some help here.

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