Hi Zimbra Gurus, I'd tried to solve this problem myself reading this an other forums but I got no satisfactory results.

I have set up a mail server using a AMD Athlon 245 X2 CPU with 8gb of RAM (DDR3 1333mhz) and 3 hdds (1 SATA2 7200rpm 500GB for OS and 2 2TB SATA2 7200rpm for /opt directory creating RAID 1 software array) for 120 users. These users are mainly web users, the rest is using IMAP accounts and just 4 or 5 are using their accounts as POP.

The problem is that Zimbra has an intensive disk usage and it seems to be killing the RAID array and performance is really slow in peak hours.

What can I do to get a better performance without changing the whole server?

I'm planning to upgrade RAM to 12GB but I'm totally confident about a performance improvement.

Any ideas will be welcome. Thanks in advance,