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    I need to know the following so I can make a decision on going forward with zimbra. Here is the following question I need to know. Please help me answer as much as possible. I greatly appreicated any input.

    • Features
    o I understand there is a Zimbra eMail and a Zimbra collaboration suite; what are the differences
    o What is included in the services
    o Mobile features: iPohone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile

    • Management Services
    o What do they do and what do we have to do?
    o What is the service level agreement?
    o Data centers and redundancy, where are they located ?

    • Implementation
    o Can we implement incrementally and how would that work?

    • Cost
    o What are the set-up costs?
    o Cost per mailbox

    Ed Wu
    Director of Technology
    Redwoods Media

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    The Zimbra Collaboration Suite includes a mail service. There is no Zimbra eMail product. For features and other info I suggest you read through the website, you'll also find information on mobile platforms there.

    As for managed services and pricing. Zimbra does not provide any at this time, though there are a few companies that do. You'll find them listed under the "Zimbra Hosted Service Providers".

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    I see, thank you for the quick response Odeleon.


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