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Thread: Slow LDAP authentication after auth backend failure

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    Default Slow LDAP authentication after auth backend failure


    Our Zimbra Server, Release 6.0.2_GA_1912.RHEL5_64_20091020161509 RHEL5_64 FOSS edition, uses a Novell eDirectory as authentication backend. Earlier today we had a major failure on the Novell Server and after it resumed normal operation we noticied that zimbra was very slow to perform user log in. After a while the issue disappears and we have the same performance as before the eDirectory crash.

    Zimbra logs were checked as well as linux logs. No errors found.

    Does anyone have any clue? I might add that this server is responsible for around 4.000 user accounts and in fact i think there might have some sort of auth cache that got lost when the novell server went down...

    Thanks guys...

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    We had problems with slow logins with novell edirectory backend.
    (this was not with Zimbra by the way, but ZEN login, which probably uses the same edirectory backend).

    Our edirectory ldap server was configured to require TLS. When we switched off the TLS requirement for authentication it worked like a charm again...

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