There is option zimbraSpamApplyUserFilters.
I am using it to implement user maintained whitelist (it has been proposed in some threads on this forum).

It is marked as depracated, but in schema (of my upgraded 6.0.8) I see it has not been removed, so I think it should work?

Is there any new way to user maintained whitelist? Or there is something wrong because of my upgrade?

I've checked: my users is using COS where zimbraSpamApplyUserFilters = TRUE, I am using test rule "If message is larger than 1 B keep it in inbox"

What else can I check?

Using: zcs-6.0.8_GA_2661.UBUNTU8.20100820045138

I see there is option in Preferences to block or allow up to 100 senders.
I can write email address or domain,
Is it possible to define wildcards? for example: *@*