Hello all,

I am having a minor issue where I get a "Security Information - nonsecure items" popup when I access the root page of my Zimbra installation over HTTPS. I get the same popup after I've entered my username and password. Interestingly, this occurs when I use IE 6.0 and does not occur when using FireFox Unfortunately I have to support IE, so this is a problem.

Note that I recently upgraded from 3.1 to 4.0. This problem did not occur with 3.1 and is new behavior since the 4.0 upgrade.

Here is some pertinent information:

OS: Fedora Core 5
Zimbra Version: zcs-4.0.0_GA_303.FC5
My Zimbra installation is configured to be accessed entirely over HTTPS port 443.

I've been looking for days to find a root cause for this problem with no progress. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help,