Hi to everybody, I'm new administrator with Zimbra and I have one problem with spamassassin. More o less one week ago, spamassassin started to qualify like spam mails that clearly doesn't be, the last was when placed in spam folder one notification mail about size of the mailbox. I was trying to play with the params of tag of mail, but without succes, after that I tried to stop the service for the accounts with more problems, but I didn't find any place where stop the spamassassin for a specific account. Finally I decided stop the service until I find the solution and expose in the forums my problem to try to find one way to solve it ('problem with false positive of mails').
Someone knows if it is possible to configure spamassasin to work only with some accounts? and if it is not possible, can I post one of false positive? To show where is the problem and if someone can help me?