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Thread: Help set up Autocomplete Search Gal on the field title.

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    Default Help set up Autocomplete Search Gal on the field title.

    Good afternoon.

    Please help to configure the GAL Autocomplete search field title.

    zmcontrol-v " 
    Release 6.0.8_GA_2661.UBUNTU10_64 UBUNTU10_64 FOSS edition.
    GAL is set to sync with ldap.
    Synchronization settings Gal were as follows:
    Gal mode - both 
    Server type - Ldap 
    Ldap Filter - (&(|( cn =*% s *) (sn =*% s *) (gn =*% s *)) (mail =* @ 
    Autocomplete filter - (| (cn =% s *) (sn =% s *) (gn =% s *) (mail =% s *)) 
    Ldap search base - ou = active, dc = mail, dc = domain, dc = com
    With these settings, in Gal, I saw all the necessary users.
    Also from Ldap unloaded into Zimbra attributes (title, telephonenumber ...)

    I want to search for users in Gal on the field title.
    But setting Autocomplete filter as does not affect the search.
    I tried to specify a filter (| (cn =% s *) (sn =% s *) (gn =% s *) (mail =% s *) (title =*% s *))

    Tell me please what is needed for Autocomplete filter when configuring the external Gal?

    If I do a search on the field title in the user contact galsync then everything works fine.
    But I would like what would such a search also works in Gal.
    In such settings, searching for title field does not work if I write another letter (I type in the To, or a global search.

    Sorry for my English.
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