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Thread: SSL problems

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    Sorry- Your right. I thought there was a something else (which isn't there anymore) in there.
    Did you try to convert your certificate and key files to a combined PKCS12 format certificate?

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    Yes, I converted the PEM certficiate + key to PKCS12 format. I received no errors when doing so. The following command shows the correct certificate details :
    <code>openssl pkcs12 -in cert.pkcs12</code>
    So I don't believe the PKCS12 version of the cert is corrupted or broken.

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    At wit's end, I finally decided to give try Keytool IUI Plus, as mentioned in this comment:

    The process was not at all intuitive, but I have finally produced a keystore file which tomcat accepts. I can access my Zimbra installation via https on tcp 443 and 7071; I don't get browser warnings about the certificate; and displaying the certificate details from within my browser shows that it is using the cert we bought.

    Here's how I did it with Keytool IUI. This is likely incomplete, as I wasn't diligently taking notes since I didn't actually expect it to work.

    * convert the certificate + key into PKCS12 format, using "zimbra" as the export password (openssl -inkey cert.key -in cert.pem -export -out cert.p12)
    * start Keytool IUI ( ./ )
    * Create Keystore -- use "zimbra" as the password
    * Import Private key from other keystore
    ** select PKCS12 as the format, and open cert.p12 (the PKCS12 version of the certificate)
    ** use "zimbra" as the source keystore password
    ** select the keystore file you created above, and leave the format at JKS
    ** use "zimbra" as the target keystore password
    * select the certificate, and click OK
    * use "tomcat" as the alias for the private key
    * use "zimbra" as the password
    * click OK
    * view the keystore, and confirm that the "tomcat" alias was created

    * Back up /opt/zimbra/tomcat/conf/keystore
    * stop tomcat
    * Install the keystore you just created to /opt/zimbra/tomcat/conf/keystore
    * start tomcat
    * confirm you can access and

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