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Thread: Per-Domain Shared Contacts and Calendars?

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    Default Per-Domain Shared Contacts and Calendars?

    Are shared Calendars and Contacts folders shared on a per-domain basis in 4.0 or globally across all domains that may be hosted on a single Zimbra server?

    The dialog box for sharing does not show an option for selecting which domains can view the calendar/contact list to be shared. So, if user shares out the Contacts list 'Prospects' to "Internal users and groups" only, will now be able to see the contents of the Prospects contacts folder?


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    I am interested in how this is done as well.

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    From what I have seen you share the calander/address book with a user and or distribution list. So you can have multiple users over multiple domains. You just need to add the users to the distribution list and then share the calander / address book with the distribution list. All users in the list should recieve the notification.

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