I just had a strange thing happen. I keep my inbox on zimbra down to a few messages (the active working stuff). The rest I just stuff into a large folder and use searches to find stuff. However, last night I left my inbox with about 10-15 messages in it. When I logged in this morning, all that was in there was any new messages since 1:00AM. I looked in the logs and I can't find anything obvious. I also asked a couple of my other users and they did not experience the same behaviour. The only difference is that I access my mailbox through IMAP and also via POP (blackberry).

What's even worse is that I did a search on those messages and zimbra can not find them. They seem to have been trully lost.

What information can I give you guys to help troubleshoot this?


PS running Zim 4.0.0 on FC4