We have searched everywhere and haven't found a procedure that seems to cover (or work for) this scenario.

We are virtualizing our network edition installation (that we have been running for 4 years). All the vsphere stuff is fine. We just need to figure out how to get our existing domain and data moved over to the new mail server.

Our existing config is a single server installation. We are converting to a multi-server installation with 2 vms (1 with all services inside the firewall, and 1 with MTA and Zimbra Proxy in the DMZ). All of that is up and running properly with test domains and test mail accounts. Looks great.

Now ALL we want to do is move the production domain to the new server. We can't seem to find a procedure that applies (or that we can get to work) for this scenario. All the 'docs' we can find either talks about reinstalling the 'new' zimbra server and/or completely wiping all the LDAP etc... It's seems to all be talking about a DR scenario where we want/need to recreate the box. We don't want to do that...we just want to move the existing domain and data to the new server configuration that is running fine. (btw...the host names are changing completely...as are the ssl certs.)

Sorry if we've overlooked a document that explains this, but any guidance or links would be appreciated.