We continue to migrate from several Horde installations to a single-server Zimbra install, running in a VMware Server vm on a SuSE SLES10 host. Zimbra in the vm is 4.0GA OSS on SuSE 10.0.

Thought I'd share two things and ask if there is a bugzilla OSS users can use to file bug reports.

Minor Bug:
It is possible through the admin interface to configure maximum message size/attachment sizes greater than the smallest mailbox quota size. Postfix runs, but throws a fatal error in the log. Of course, you can do this on any old Postfix/Cyrus setup, but Zimbra's "fit 'n finish" quality everywhere else is so high we were surprised to see this is allowed.

Feature Request:
On the Accounts tab of the admin interface, may we request that the "Description" column please be sortable? We have a multi-domain environment and use the Description field to enter the name of the company. Handy when a user calls asking to have you reset their password; you can scan through a long list faster. But, this would be even better if this column were sortable.

Very neat product; looking forward to SLES10 support and the Documents functionality going GA.