I have a question - we currently use sendmail's directory and sentrion appliances for mtas. We are going to be migrating the sentrion mailstores over to zimbra within the next couple of weeks. We already have a provisioning server that provisions accounts in multiple places (i-series, lawson, and sendmail) . What I am looking into doing is replacing the sendmail provisioning scripts with zimbra provisioning scripts so that it will do the zmprov to add users and add archive accounts, etc from it.

How would I install just the provisioning binaries and configuration onto this server so that I can do the zmprov calls from perl to create the account onto zimbra's mailstores from our existing web based provisioning tool? I dont want to have to run some sort of goofy sync tool, Id rather just have it managed the way we are doing it now, so that there is a minimal amount of training for the front end.