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Thread: Query re. undelivered messages

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    Default Query re. undelivered messages

    My Zimbra instance (the open source version) is on a separate box from my gateway server, which forwards the messages to the MTA. This morning, I sent two emails, with PDF attachments of about 2 MB each, from a client site, using a local account there.

    I checked the qmail log on that box and saw the two messages were sent out OK, but they didn't arrive in my inbox, nor did they end up in the junk folder.

    I'm fairly new to Zimbra, so am not sure how to check the logs to see what happened, and would appreciate any pointers.



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    I assume that your gateway server is the qmail log that you checked and it should have forwarded these messages to your internal Zimbra server, is that correct? Look in the Admin UI and see if there's any email queued and not delivered and also look in the /var/log/zimbra.log for a connection from your gateway at the time the were supposedly sent and see what happened on the Zimbra server.


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    Thanks for your reply. Although I could see the message queued on the client's server (name obfuscated):

    2010-10-13 10:47:51.871491500 new msg 7159905
    2010-10-13 10:47:51.871498500 info msg 7159905: bytes 3248233 from <> qp 890 uid 453
    2010-10-13 10:47:51.923405500 starting delivery 46068: msg 7159905 to remote
    2010-10-13 10:47:51.923420500 status: local 0/10 remote 1/20
    2010-10-13 10:48:53.288223500 delivery 46068: success: E9/
    2010-10-13 10:48:53.288348500 status: local 0/10 remote 0/20
    2010-10-13 10:48:53.288407500 end msg 7159905
    2010-10-13 10:49:11.872272500 new msg 7159905
    2010-10-13 10:49:11.872278500 info msg 7159905: bytes 3251933 from <> qp 915 uid 453
    2010-10-13 10:49:12.020883500 starting delivery 46069: msg 7159905 to local
    there is no matching entry in my server's qmail current file, which is very odd. It's obviously not a Zimbra issue, but thanks for your assistance.


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