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Thread: How to force redo.log rotation?

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    Default How to force redo.log rotation?

    We have a single Zimbra server we'd like to set up as a cold backup. By doing that, I'd like to try rsyncing redo logs to another server, and doing an occasional replay of them on the "cold" server. But right now, our redo logs are pretty large by they rotate, about 1.1G, and about every 7 days. Is there a way to either force the size to be smaller when they rotate and/or force their rotation at a particular time?

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    Please enter the output of zmcontrol -v into your profile so that people know what version of Zimbra you're using. (Don't post it in the thread.)

    If you have NE, you can force a rotation/archive by doing an incremental backup.

    Otherwise, it's a bit of a mystery. There are settings that are supposed to control the rotation into /opt/zimbra/redolog/archive. However the last time I tested them, I wasn't seeing the results I expected. It's possible things are working correctly now in ZCS 6.0.8, since on my system, neither the active redolog nor the ones in the archive directory are much more then 100 MB. This is with the following settings:

    zimbraRedoLogDeleteOnRollover: FALSE
    zimbraRedoLogRolloverFileSizeKB: 102400
    zimbraRedoLogRolloverHardMaxFileSizeKB: 4194304
    zimbraRedoLogRolloverMinFileAge: 60


    This might also be of interest:

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