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Thread: [SOLVED] DRBD Zimbra wont start

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    Default [SOLVED] DRBD Zimbra wont start

    Yet another DRBD / Zimbra question.

    I have Zimbra set up on DRBD, working fine, I can start it on both servers fine, but
    When DRBD Primary goes down and the Secondary host becomes Primary Zimbra is not starting completly

    /etc/init.d/zimbra status
            antispam                Stopped
                    zmamavisdctl is not running
            antivirus               Stopped
                    zmamavisdctl is not running
                    zmclamdctl is not running
            ldap                    Running
            logger                  Running
            mailbox                 Stopped
                    zmmailboxdctl is not running.
            mta                     Stopped
                    postfix is not running
                    zmsaslauthdctl is not running
            snmp                    Stopped
                    zmswatch is not running.
            spell                   Stopped
                    zmapachectl is not running
            stats                   Stopped
    Both nodes getting the same. Afer a manual restart everything is back normal, but Heartbeat doesn't want to start it for some reasons.
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