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Thread: [SOLVED] How to override hotrod skin logo img?

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    Question [SOLVED] How to override hotrod skin logo img?

    Hi all,

    Our customer is using ZCS 5.0.16 NE and they want to use
    their own AppBanner/LoginBanner img instead of Zimbra's .

    First I thought I can override hotrod skin logo img with replacing
    according to the "ZWC 5.0 Themes" document, but it seems there is a documentation bug because hotrod skin uses AppBanner(white) as per bug:20605.

    So, if I override these images, I need to put images on the following directory,right?

    Actually I made these files and restart mailboxd, but these logos remain
    unchanged. So I think I may need to edit to override the logo

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    It seems hotrod uses /zimbra/skins/_base/logos/AppBanner_white.png

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