Howdy Guys,
Firstly I hate catch all's and are in the process of trashing them.

But we have just combined 3 company into 1 new one and in turn 3 domains into 1 new one.

2 of the domains have ALOT of legacy forwards set up (500+ for one and 700+ for the other) and catch all on 2 of the domains as well. 500+ forwarders 700+ forwarders and catchall catchall - accounts and forwarders only (but not migrated to zimbra yet will be next few weeks)

I have moved, and to zimbra with a cutdown list of forwarders (no real accounts)

What I am trying to do is:
Have the catch all for each 3 domains going to a single account which can be used to catch any important missed forwarders. will be actively checked for this reason. will be an on an external server for about 2 weeks then moved to zimbra.

Then over time faze out the catchalls.

So can I do the domain catchall to a single external email address? if so how .. and then how can this be removed at a later date.

Any help would be great.