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Thread: Adjusting Timeout after RCPT

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    Default Adjusting Timeout after RCPT

    I am getting the following message when trying to send something via SMTP from one of our copiers. We've had it work from similar setups, and I am hoping that adjusting this timeout will make it work (perhaps latency or a slow connection is causing it to timeout).

    Oct 19 16:47:13 mail postfix/smtpd[24711]: timeout after RCPT from unknown[]
    Oct 19 16:47:13 mail postfix/smtpd[24711]: disconnect from unknown[]

    Can someone point where I can adjust this timeout?


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    You need to post the rest of the error messages around the ones in your post above. Is this 'copier' authenticating against the server when it tries to send an email? Is it sending the email to a local user or somewhere else?


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