Running 4.0.1 Network Edition on SuSE 10.0.

Is it OK to replace the directory /opt/zimbra/backup with a symlink pointing to the desired alternate backup location?

The zmschedulebackup command documentation indicates zmschedulebackup does not support the "-t" switch that the zmbackup command does. As a result, the cron jobs set up by running "zmschedulebackup -D" do not specify our desired alternate target backup directory.

My sense is that it is better to symlink the target backup directory than to edit the three cron jobs created by zmschedulebackup, but I'd like to have someone from Zimbra confirm that, please.

In our case, Zimbra runs on a VMware virtual machine. The alternate backup directory is an LVM partition on the VMware host machine. The VMware host machine exports the backup directory via NFS, and the Zimbra virtual machine (as well as the other virtual machines on this host) use NFS to mount the export to a local directory. A separate machine, off site and connected via a VPN, then uses Dirvish to connect to the VMware host and make off site backups of the LVM backup partition.

Anyone see any issues with this configuration?