My Zimbra mail server is filling up rapidly and I need to upgrade the disks in the system to larger ones. I am trying to figure out the best procedure to help ensure I don't lose anything during the migration. The machine has only two slots which I run a RAID 1 mirror of 2 250GB disks. I am upgrading those disks to 1TB.

I have the luxury of taking the machine (and email service) down for a full day so therefore, it is not critical to me to need to bring up a new server to migrate to and then migrate back once the new disks are installed.

I am at Zimbra 5.0.23 running on RHEL 5. I do two types of backup - Zimbra's mail store backup (zmbackup) and I also do a full system dump (/sbin/dump) each night to external drives. My initial plan would be to:

1) backup of everything both ways (zmbackup and dump).
2) install new drives
3) install RHEL 5
4) install zimbra 5.0.23
5) recover /opt/zimbra from the dump.
6) recover remaining settings/certs from the dump.
7) hold the full zmbackup for any missing email issues that may arise.

If I could hear some ideas on how you would backup/restore the service, it would be of great help to me.

Thanks guys!