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Thread: Third party anti-spam controls in shared environments?

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    Default Third party anti-spam controls in shared environments?

    I thought I would find a little bit more on the forums about implementing third party anti-spam services with zimbra, but there was little and nothing about our specific situation.

    In basic, dedicated environments, third party spam integration is simple enough, but we have a few clients on a shared environment (multiple clients on the same zimbra servers who will be using only zimbra's default antispam tools) who wish to integrate third-party anti-spam services.

    Typically, the process involves altering the mta to reject mail not received through the third-party service, but in the shared environment this becomes difficult.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to make this work without moving off the shared environment?

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    one sugestion would be to integrate a plugin into spamassasin and in that plugin you want to do extra score using third-party the same plugin you can choose only to do this for cerain domains..

    its not good idea to bypass zimbra AS as it new version there are some stuff dependent on it...but it alwasy good to ADD extra score to integrated AS usig third-party and spamassasin plugin integration should be simplest way of doin it

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