I have been using the Zimbra web interface but now I have a client who want's to also use pop3 with Zimbra, i.e. instead of logging in to my remote zimbra server via web interface he want's to download and send mail to and from his local machine and connect remotely to my Zimbra server via his email client on his local machine.

I am using Zimbra 5.0.2 and am now able to download mail from my Zimbra serv er AOK, no problems there with the pop3 connection, but am having trouble setting up the outgoing mail.

I am using the same login name, host address and password to try to send mail from my local machine via Zimbra outgoing mail server, and although my local email client Kmail is saying the mail is sent, the emails are not hitting my in box after checking my Zimbra web GUI

I have tried both SSL and TLS authentication for outgoing and no luck. The POP3 is set up for SSL for secure downloads.

Actually sorry about this post the emails were working fine, they were hitting my junk email box LOL.

What am I missing here?

Thanks for any advice.