I know this kinda does not have anything to do with except, the zimbra folder is 8.6GB. The 2 users on this server have less than 1GB in email. So my question is how do i find out the biggest files in the zimbra folder? I remeber back some time ago, the nginx log file was 5.xGB in size. Now i can not remember where this file is located. Anybody know? Here is the link to that thread:

I found a du command that is suppose to tell me the 10 biggest files but it only tells me the total size of said folder:
du -ks /var | sort -n -r | head -n 10
and here is the link to that:
How do I find the largest top 10 files and directories on a Linux / UNIX / BSD filesystem?
Anyway, can someone tell me how to find the files that are eating up space?