Hi all.
I have a question about the possibility to get access to admin console via the standard zimbra proxy host.

We have made an installation with the large schema ad we use two ldap, two mta and one mailboxd server.
Our lan, for a better security, is setted up to have two separated vlan, one for the mta servers and one for the ldap servers and the mailboxd server.
I have noted that to get access to Administration Console I have to make a https connection on port 7071 directly to the mailboxd server...so we have to assign a public ip to that host.

If I have choose to setup the Zimbra proxy host for normal http(s) connenction to webmail interface in order to not expose directly the mailboxd server host to the web...in this way - if I have to get access to admin consol - this schema have to be bypassed and the mailboxd server is exposed on the net anyway.

Have you some suggestion?
Is still not possible to get access to admin console via normal zimbra proxy? Maybe we have to setup a different proxy only for admin consol connetion?