I am not a mail server novice... but I am a linux beginner improver! I have set up several in the past, Communigate Pro, ArgoSoft, and others... but this one really has me stumped. I have three problems at the moment.

1. I cant sent to an external (valid) email addess only internal. the error message I get is:
msg - Message not sent to any recipients because of these failed addresses: charlie@charliegadget.com
code - mail.SEND_FAILURE
method - ZmCsfeCommand.invoke
detail - soap:Sender
constructor -
function ZmCsfeException(msg, code, method, detail) {
if (arguments.length == 0) {
AjxException.call(this, msg, code, method, detail);

toString -
function () {
return "ZmCsfeException";

dump -
function () {
return "AjxException: msg=" + this.msg + " code=" + this.code + " method=" + this.method + " detail=" + this.detail;
2. I cant connect using Thunderbird I have a screen shot:

I only have the option of TLS on outgoing mail. On incomming I have "use secure authentication" or "Use secure connection (SSL)" and non of them work!

Regarding the 2 above, I have read the Admin Guide front to back, but cant shed any light on this!

3. Zimbra sometimes takes ages to load and then you try to log in and Firefox (or IE) use 100% CPU and just sits there with a blank screen and stops responding, but still using 100% CPU.. I have to reboot Zimbra to clear it..

Is this something someone else has experienced?

Sorry about the size of the screenshot!!