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Thread: ZCS 6.0.8 and Exchange 2007 interop - calendar/invite problem

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    Question ZCS 6.0.8 and Exchange 2007 interop - calendar/invite problem


    I am trying to figure out of this is an issue with our configuration, our client, or just a limitation of the interop between Zimbra and Exchange.

    We are running ZCS 6.0.8 with Outlook 2007 and ZCO. Our client is running M$ Exchange 2007 with Outlook 2007.

    When one of our users schedules a meeting in ZCS and invites one of our clients, and the client accepts/declines, our user receives a base64 encoded response (non-engineer readable) and then the meeting becomes read-only in our user's calendar (eg. unable to update or modify the meeting). The meeting may be updated by our user at any time, until it is accepted/declined by the client. The expected behavior is that our user should be able to update the meeting details as needed, as our users currently are able to do internally with other ZCS users.

    Question 1: Should this work?
    Question 2: If yes to Q1, what steps do we need to perform to troubleshoot and resolve this issue?



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    Surely someone has some insight... any Zimbra Team members checking the forums? I hate to use up a support ticket on something that should be documented somewhere.

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