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Thread: Zimbra ZCS 6.0.8 + calendar integration via Outlook

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    Default Zimbra ZCS 6.0.8 + calendar integration via Outlook

    After long hours of migration from MS Exchange to Zimbra, we have problems with calendar integration in Outlook 2007. More data below:

    Client side:
    - Standard desktop computer, Windows XP, Outlook 2007 SP2
    - Windows 7, Outlook 2007 SP2
    (tried on two different environment)

    Zimbra Server:
    Zimbra Network Edition
    Version: 6.0.8

    The problem is, that we have 25 accounts, and we need, that, each user, can see other user calendar (activate/deactivate with checkbox), to normally organize team work.
    According to zimbra wiki pages & google, each shared calendar must be added via Open -> Open users Mailbox, so now lets imagine, i have to add 24 (one by one)calendars on 24 computers.

    Isn't there a possibility to show this calendars by default in Outlook, like it is using Exchange ?

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    If you share all the calendars within Zimbra (i.e., mounting them in Zimbra Web Client), then Outlook should show a button at the bottom of its screen that allows them to be quickly displayed in Outlook.

    Sharing within ZWC can be scripted via CLI using zmmailbox to initiate the share at the source account and to accept the share at the target account.

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