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Thread: Shared briefcase returns HTTP error 403 instead of 401 on wrong credentials

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    Default Shared briefcase returns HTTP error 403 instead of 401 on wrong credentials

    Hi all,

    I am having problems with non techy 'external guests' trying to access a shared briefcase: When they enter wrong credentials (bad login and/or bad password), they get stuck on a page telling them they do not sufficient permissions:

    HTML Code:
    HTTP ERROR 403
    Problem accessing /service/home/ Reason:
        permission denied: you do not have sufficient permissions
    Powered by Jetty://
    Here is how to reproduce the problem:
    • in Zimbra Web Interface, go to briefcase and create a 'New Briefcase' ('Docs' under 'Folders' for example)
    • Shared that new Briefcase, 'External guests (view only)' and enter email to an external account and a password.
    • Open a different browser (in my case I use here Chrome instead of Firefox), and go to the URL given in the mail:
    • Then Enter any login/password
    • You get the 403 page. Nothing you can do, reloading the page make no difference....

    Of course the obvious solution is to close the browser, or delete recent history, reload the page and the enter correct credentials, but some people are not aware of that, and shouldn't need to be...

    I think Zimbra should return HTTP code 401 instead of 403 to tell the browser user was not authenticated.

    Anyone having the same problem ? Any suggestions to solve the problem (I can not tell what i want to the users )?



    Zimbra version: Release 6.0.8_GA_2661.UBUNTU8_64 UBUNTU8_64 NETWORK edition.

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    Default Zimbra shared briefcase problem

    I am having the exact same problem. Something Zimbra is doing weird with the username and password when the wrong one is entered.

    Also, depending on your IE version, and whether you have phishing filter on or off, you cannot just click on the link to the briefcase. It won't even ask for a username and password. Instead. the user must copy and paste the link into the IE address bar. This behavior was noticed with IE8 and phishing filter off.


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    There is a bug related to this issue: Bug 51264 – Alternative to Basic Authentication for REST
    However, it is considered as an enhancement I don't think Zimbra will correct this soon

    To get around that, I mounted the WebDav briefcase on a folder and pointed an instance of apache to it. Users are managed by Apache and the URL is different, but at least I don't get that stupid 403 error.

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