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Thread: SMTP TSL from one server to another

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    Default SMTP TSL from one server to another

    I tried to setup SMTP TSL following some of the guides posted on this forum and others that explain about how to setup Postfix TSL. I can connect from the Client to the server with TSL, no problem.

    My problem: I need to send and receive encrypted mails to a specific domain server, any other domains I do not need to send and receive encrypted mails. I got the other domains certificate and they got my domains certificate.

    But I cant figure out how to setup a specific domain check for 1 domain only or to send encrypted mails to another server at all.

    Any one that have tried this or have a link to a guide?

    Some of the links I have read:
    Outgoing SMTP Authentication - Zimbra :: Wiki
    SMTP Auth Problems - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Postfix Configuration Parameters
    Postfix Configuration Parameters

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    Anyone know if it is possible at all with Zimbra/Postfix?

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