hi all,
i have a strange problem in audit.log/mailbox.log; i need to trace all the users modifications made via zmprov command (add, modify, change password).

in my /opt/zimbra/log/audit.log i cannot see this logs.

Is there a way to elevate the audit logging level ?

i'm sure that i can see theese informations because in other installation i can see it without problemsas follow:

2010-11-03 19:19:01,411 INFO [btpool0-4715://localhost:7071/service/admin/soap/ModifyAccountRequest] [name=zimbra;ip=;] security - cmd=ModifyAccount; name=xxx@mydomain.com; zimbraMailStatus=enabled; cn=teo001; zimbraAccountStatus=active; userPassword={SHA}XMtXXXXNEcqZlXEBAd1SaXIASXX=; displayName=teo001

thanks for any help