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Thread: NE have Digital Signatures?

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    Default NE have Digital Signatures?

    We need to digitally sign outgoing emails for one of our customers and I am not finding the setting to digitally sign an email anywhere. Is it possible in NE?


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    This is not currently supported in Zimbra yet. The relevant bug is: Bug 11524 - DKIM/DK signing support in Amavisd.
    According to Comment #36 this is waiting on Amavis 2.7.0 which has not been released yet.

    If you need to implement DKIM before this can be fixed in an official Zimbra release a quick search found this which some people seem to have gotten working: Set Up DKIM For Multiple Domains On Postfix With dkim-milter 2.8.x (CentOS 5.3) | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

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