I have problem with the spam/ham training and I am not exactly sure what to do.

I see in the list of accounts that there are two Spam Training Accounts but I don't know which one is for training spam and which one is for training ham.

After doing some searching on these forums, I saw that people talked about a cron job that runs to actually do the training and so I thought the cron script my give me a clue as to which account does what. Unfortunately I don't see any cron jobs relating to Zimbra in crontab, cron.d, cron.daily, cron.hourly or cron.monthly. Is the zmtrainsa script run in a different process?

In the forums there was also mention of a trainspam.log but I cannot find that file anywhere on the server.

Is my spam training broken? If so, what can I do to correct it? Thank you.

Richard Morris