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Thread: COS bugs?

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    Default COS bugs?

    We have created a few COS with difference storage capacity and assign them to the domains according to what they paid for. However, we realize that Zimbra failed to honor some Class of Services:

    1. When new accounts are created without selecting any COS, the default 2GB capacity is used despite the default COS is not assign to this domain.

    2. When a COS is assigned to an account, the domain administrator can override it by entering any capacity they want at the Account quota (MB): field under the advanced tab. Zimbra will show the Quota as in the Account Quota instead of the quota define in the COS.

    3. Some of the COS selection under account type do not show any description

    Can anyone confirmed these are known bugs?

    btw, will special accounts such as be counted as an account?
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