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    zimbra is really nice..but there is one feature that I really find very important and I dont understand why its not implemented. Its following simple use case - manager wants to assign task to someone.

    I've searched forum and found one way how to do it:
    - all people that want to get tasks from manager, will share their task list with this guy
    - manager can add tasks to their task lists

    There's enchantment for this feature in bugzilla from 3 years ago :
    Bug 15832 – Tasks: Need ability to assign tasks to someone else

    We are just starting to use I would like to see how others are solving this use case.

    Is mentioned solution the best one? I mean..its not bad way..its just implemented feature would be more comfortable and easy to use.


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    It's the only way I've found, and I agree that it's not as nice as an actual "propose/accept" interaction.

    Currently the bug notes say that the enhancement is planned for IronMaiden, which would be ZCS 7.5 or 8.0, I suppose.

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