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Thread: [SOLVED] Domain disclaimer - exclude from some destinations

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    Default [SOLVED] Domain disclaimer - exclude from some destinations

    Hello everyone,

    We recently set up the domain disclaimer available since ZCS 6.0.4. It's working fine and we are happy with this feature.
    But we face a little problem: we do have a fax server, that works with email. To make it work, we created a fake domain on our dns, called fax.local, with the fax server as the MX record for this domain, so that every mail sent to number@fax.local is redirected to the fax server, which then transfers it by fax to the number indicated. The problem is that since we activated the domain disclaimer, a single page sent by fax is now received as a 4 pages fax (header, 2 pages of disclaimer and the page we want to send).

    Is there any way to exclude the domain fax.local from the disclaimer, so that it won't be added to every mail sent @fax.local ?

    Thanks in advance !

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    OK, I managed to do what I want. I just took this post as an example, and modified amavisd so that the mails sent to the specified domain don't get the disclaimer. If it can interest anyone, here is in red the modification I made (fax.local is the domain which shouldn't have the disclaimer):

    --- amavisd     2010-03-06 19:43:45.000000000 +0100
    +++ amavisd.disc        2010-03-06 19:43:22.000000000 +0100
    @@ -11085,7 +11085,9 @@
                                        @rfc2822_from, $rfc2822_sender, $sender)) {
                     $to_be_mangled = 0;  # not for foreign 'Sender:' or 'From:'
                     do_log(5,"will not add disclaimer, originator not local");
    -              }
    +              } else {
    +                               $to_be_mangled = 0  if $r->recip_is_local;
    +                               my $dest  = substr ($recip, index($recip,"@")+1);
    +                               if ($dest eq "fax.local")
    +                               {
    +                                     $to_be_mangled = 0;
    +                                     do_log(1,"will not add disclaimer, recipient is fax");
    +                               }
    +                         }
               } else {  # defanging (not disclaiming)
                 # defanging and other mail mangling/munging only applies to

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