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Thread: searching directory for domains

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    Default searching directory for domains

    When login to admin console with mozilla firefox 3..6.12, i get the message "searching directory for domains" and the system starts searching for domains without ending.
    There are no errors when i cancel the request but i can't enter the admin console.
    I was used to use Firefox for several months without any problem.
    Now i have to use IE to reach the console admin.

    This problem last for a month despite a stop and start of the server, emptying the cache of firefox, etc...

    I would like to use firefox instead of IE to acces the admin console;

    Has anybody encouunter this type of problem and how do you solve it ?

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    same here, after upgrade to ffox 3.6 I'm unable to do anything at zimbra's admin page. Tried chromium, there is no window which would get closed, but as zimbra doesn't support chromium the windows / tabs are not manageable.

    will test it under windows soon ...

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