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Thread: Change password in external directory

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    Default Change password in external directory

    Hi everyone.

    I'm working on a setup where ZCS authenticate against an AD (it could be an LDAP directory, my issue would be the same.

    We're trying to setup a webpage (external to ZCS) that allows users to change their password in this external directory.

    Directing the users to the webpage is quite easy, thanks to ZimbraChangePasswordURL.

    However, we'd like the user eMail address to be passed to the external webpage (in order to avoid typing errors and to ease the users' life).

    Any clue on how to achieve that?

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    Answering to myself, as usual 8)

    This bug leads to some solution for LDAP or Samba, not AD yet.
    Bug 6353 : Unable to change password when using External LDAP authentication

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