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    Default whats aname

    Might be a silly question but what does aname mean in this:

    2010-11-16 16:00:54,468 INFO [btpool0-13797] [;aname=seconduser@mydom;mid=27;ip=*.*.*.*;ua=ZimbraConnectorForOut look/5.0.2817.11;] soap - SyncRequest

    Is it seconduser accessing a shared resource of firstuser and how would I find out what resource?

    Have firstuser who's account shows in the log like the sample above and other users as aname

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    Based on observation/inference from my mailbox.logs, aname (seconduser) is a user who is accessing a shared resource of name (firstuser).

    You might be able to get more information on what's being accessed by changing the loglevel for the user:

    zmprov addAccountLogger zimbra.soap debug

    See Log Files - Zimbra :: Wiki and note that there are other categories of logging besides zimbra.soap, but that's probably the one you want.

    You could also do "view mail" from the Admin GUI, on the source account, to see what they have shared. Or you could use zmmailbox:

    zmmailbox -z -m gaf

    then iteratively step through the folders:

    zmmailbox -z -m gfg /path/to/folder

    This can be tedious, but it shouldn't be too hard to write a shell script to automate the process.

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