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Thread: Stats shows "stopped" on 6.0.5 NE

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    Default Stats shows "stopped" on 6.0.5 NE

    Dear all,
    I woull like to ask for some help as tried to search the forum but did not found nothing usefull:
    On our Zimbra 6.0.5GA Ne server the Stats service seems to start correctly as soon as we start the zimbra services "zmcontrol start" as it says running but after if I check with a zmcontrol status it says stopped.
    I checked the stats page from the webconsole and the graphs and stats informations seems to be updated.
    Is there any bug related to this ? Can somebody help me out please?

    Thank you


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    Thank you very much. I think the bug maybe the right direction as i checked and the stats folders are effectively being owned by root and not zimbra...

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