So... i have a fedora core 4 with zimbra installed with ldap
it works ok.

i also have samba installed with swat and i'm trying to install the system for a few days now.

I just can't get to make samba work with the openldap that zimbra comes with. If an auth fails when i try to log on a samba share on that machine, i find no trace of my action in /var/log/zimbra.log or in any log in /opt/zimbra/log or in /var/log/messages

I've installed phpldapadmin and i can't log in with the user zimbra and with the password i've set using the zimbra tools. I can authenticate myself with any registered user there but it does not see the ldap tree and i can't get samba to do the same.

One more thing. Can anyone guide me thru the whole samba.schema file integration in the zimbra openldap? I'm totally lost there because i just can't see exactly what to modify

Thank you in advance