Hello all,
The most strange thing happens. We have a new installation that we publish to internet and we forgot to change the password of the user "admin" . Our default password was "password". The server were in production for a couple of months without any problem.
Yesterday I notice that I stop receiving the "Daily Mail Report" to my admin mailbox that I have configured in Thunderbird. Also, I got a warning from a Telco that I was sending spam from the admin@ account.
I enter the UI as user admin and when I click New to compone an email, a text appears on the body of the email! a spam mail. And, when I send that mail, the display name isnt my anymore, is "SECRET POWERS" and it has a Reply to: to a gmail address.
The strange thin is that when I go to the Administration Page, the display name and every parameter are normal in the admin account.
So..I very confuse I dont know were the system is reading those names and automatic body mesage.

Please help!