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Thread: [SOLVED] Default LDAP values?

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    Default [SOLVED] Default LDAP values?

    Hi guys,

    need a little help here. I have tried to tweak my zimbra 7 install with the following tweaks:

    zmlocalconfig -e ldap_common_threads=16
    zmlocalconfig -e ldap_common_toolthreads=8
    zmlocalconfig -e ldap_db_cachesize=50000
    zmlocalconfig -e ldap_db_idlcachesize=50000

    All is running smoothly, but I think the above changes made LDAP behave a little crazy as for example when I try to change signature, save new preference settings, create filters - the changes are not written properly and basically they are forgotten.

    I have seen the same behaviour in zimbra 7 on ubuntu ant centos 64bit.

    Does anybody know what are the default values for the above so I can change them back, please?

    Many thanks.

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    from my z7b2 box

    ldap_db_cachesize = 10000
    ldap_db_idlcachesize = 10000
    ldap_common_threads = 8
    ldap_common_toolthreads = 1

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    many thanks for your prompt reply.

    I have to watch my system now, but I think my problem is sorted, filter rules started to work again and they are synced between desktop and server.

    Word of warning for everybody trying Zimbra 7 beta - don't use the above commands to tweak your Zimbra! ... tested and confirmed on my 3 systems :-)

    Have a good day.

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